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Drone fishing is an exciting new fishing style that utilises the latest drone technology to allow you to land that perfect catch. Whether you are in a boat or on dry land, drone fishing opens a new world of fishing possibilities with endless opportunities!

We are Australia’s leading supplier of fishing drones and drone fishing gear including Splash drones, DJI drones, GoFish cams and custom built fishing rigs. Become part of a growing community of fishing enthusiasts taking their angling to a whole new level with the help of cutting edge technology.

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Incredible Drone Shot Footage of Mullet Run in Florida

The team over at BlacktipH have managed to snag some amazing footage along the Florida coastline. What an epic display of nature at it’s finest! The guys spent a week filming this epic mullet run and boy did it pay off! Billions of baitfish migrate south for winter and this brings is plenty of predators…

How To Calibrate a SwellPro Splash Drone

In this short video, you’ll learn the basics of calibrating and waterproof testing your SwellPro Splash Drone. This is of course very important for a number of reasons. Ensuring your drone is properly calibrating is essential for proper operation and a safe flight. Furthermore, making sure there are no leaks will ensure you don’t lose…

SwellPro Splash Drone Salt Water Testing

The folks over at UAV Wholesale have been hard at work putting the Splash Drone through some ocean testing. 90 Mile Beach provided the perfect setting to run the Splash Drone through its paces. Impressive results from this compact unit, with the salt and sand doing very little to deter the drone from braving the…

DJI Gannet bait release systems

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    Designed to work perfectly with DJI’s Phantom and Mavic drones of all models
  • null
    Simple ‘clip on, clip off’ design
  • null
    Integrated design – control the electrical release mechanisms from your drone remote control (C1 and/or C2 buttons)
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    Fully independent of the drone electrical system.
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    Electrical or Mechanical models

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