KLIK Sinkers Modular Clip-On Sinker System

A sliding ball sinker that can be snapped onto your line, eliminating the need to cut your line and re-tie as with conventional sliding type sinkers.

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KLIK sinkers are available in two different colours and four sizes. The below table show the possible choices and the corresponding quantities.

They are made from two lead inserts, which are captured within a resilient plastic shell.  The shell has a tough hinge at the rear and a strong latch on the front.  The plastic retains the lead within its shell and the hinge allows the sinker to open up and be placed over the fishing line.

The latch is then used to secure the sinker over the line and can be easily opened to release it when you want to change the weight of the sinker, replace the hook with a lure or simply just make the rod easier to transport (no sinkers on the line means the car doesn’t get dented when you hit a bump and makes the line on the rod more manageable because it doesn’t want to spool off as easily).

As with all new innovations the devil is in the detail.  A number of different features combine to make the KLIK Sinkers work on many levels.

Benefits of KLIK Sinkers

  • Quickly and Easily Add or Remove Sinkers Without Cutting Your Line or Tying any Knots
  • Allows Anglers to Quickly Change Between Tackle Systems (eg Bait to Lure)
  • Enables Anglers to Easily Remove the Sinkers Before Transporting Rods
    • Rods without Sinkers on their Line do not Un-spool as Readily
    • No Lead on the Line Means no Damage to a Cars Panelwork over Rough Terrain
  • Flexible Hinge and UV Stabilised Plastic Allows for Countless Operations and Long Life
  • Plastic Cover is Designed to Protect the User, Wildlife and the Environment from the Effects of Lead
  • The Lead and Plastic do not Corrode or Affect any of the other Valuable Equipment in your Fishing Box
  • High Density Lead Provides a Great Weight for Size Ratio in the Sinkers
  • Easy for Kids to Use and Saves Time for Parents When Rigging Kids Rods
  • Great for Night Fishing and People with Poor Vision when Knots and Threading Line Through Sinkers is Undesirable

KLIK Sinker Applications

  • Surf Casting
    • Add or Remove Weight as the Current Changes
    • Avoid Carrying Excess Tackle over the Rocks by making up Multiple Rigs and only adding the Sinkers when you get to your Favoured Spot
  • Boating
    • Adjust weights quickly and easily when Float Lining
    • Add Weight from the Boat Without the Need to Pull your Line in- Simply Add a Sinker to the Line and let it Slide Down to the Trace
    • Quickly Swap Between Bait Rig and Lure Rigs
    • Adjust the Depth of a Live Bait or Lure When Trolling by Simply Adding Weight to the Line From the Boat and Letting it Slide Down to the Trace
    • Remove the Sinkers in Transit to Stop Un-Spooling or Boat Damage from Heavy Sinkers on Loose Line
  • Rock Fishing
    • Easily Add or Remove Weight to Allow for Longer or Shorter Casts as Required
    • Make Transporting Multiple Rigs easy as you only need to add the Sinkers once at your Destination
  • Avoid Sinker Attack
    • Barracuda and other Predatory fish species will attack bright, shining objects.  This sometimes results in cut offs due to the fish attacking the sinker.  The plastic casing on a KLIK sinker removes this temptation.

Environmental Considerations

There has been much said regarding lead and its negative effects on the Environment and also Marine Life which comes in contact with it and in some cases ingests it.  A lot of time and effort was put into finding an alternative for the lead in the sinkers and there are some very viable options.  Unfortunately each of these has a cost implication and also in some cases the materials used may affect other expensive products in a typical fishing box and so implementing them needs to be approached with care.

As a New to World type product we decided to go for the tried and tested lead to introduce the product and if we find the market will accept the added cost, alternative materials will be introduced as required.  As it stands the KLIK Sinkers have some inherent properties that do protect the User, Wildlife and the Environment from the effects of lead.  These are as follows:-

  • The Lead Used is a Very High Quality Australian Product with a Certified Purity of 99.7%.  This Protects the User from Impurities found in the Scrap Seen in Inferior Sinkers that can have any Number of Toxic Products in it.  It also Greatly Reduces the Probability of Lead Leaching into the Environment Because it Hasn’t got any Acids in it which can Allow it to Break Down in Water.
  • Having a Plastic Cover Around the Lead Helps to Isolate it from the Environment and Drastically Reduces Contact with Users and Marine Life
  • Colouring of the Sinkers is Significant in that the Blue Chosen Replicates the Blue of a Blue Bottle Jellyfish.  This was Designed to Dissuade Sea Birds and Other Marine Life from Eating the Sinkers.  This has been Known to Happen and Causes the Animal to become Very Sick or Even Die.

The Team Behind KLIK Sinkers

KLIK Sinkers is a company that has been set up to develop a range of snap on sinkers to help anglers spend more time catching fish and less time changing their tackle.

Rob Lange (an avid angler) approached F3 Industrial Design with an idea to produce a sinker that could snap on and off a line quickly and easily in a repeatable fashion.  Scot Farley from F3 saw the potential in the idea and a partnership was formed to develop the products and take them to market.

Once all of the hurdles of development had been jumped it was time to find a partner to help distribute the finished articles.  We approached Bruce and Glenn Alvey from Alvey Reels and they undertook some testing of the product through their expert fisherman Rob Duncan.  Rob loved the sinkers and so a partnership for distribution was struck and production began.

The first sinkers went on sale in early December through a select group of local fishing shops in order to test the market and this distribution will expand throughout Australia over the coming months.  The ultimate goal being to distribute the product throughout the world in its various forms.  At present the range has two sizes, a four pack of number 4′s and a two pack of number 8′s to start out with but the intention is to increase the sizes and varieties of sinkers according to what the market requires.

The inventiveness of the sinkers has allowed the technology to be patented and this process is underway internationally with strategically defined countries targeted for cover.

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