Pl2 Drone Payload Release Mechanism


  • Payload Release mechanism with fixed FPV HD camera for SplashDrone 3+.
  • Angle set before flight.
  • Specific for live view,release the bait at a acurate location.
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Pl2 Drone Payload Release Mechanism

1. The PL2 drone fishing rig is seriously built for long fishing line delivery and dropping bait in planned location. Unlike other third-party made rigs, it will not interfere the drone’s flight or make the drone descend into the water..
2. Release bait precisely with remote controll in a range of 1 kilometer.
3. With high payload capacity up to 1kg, the release mechanism is capable of lifting over 10 hook baits.
4. The mechanism is integrated with a waterproof camera for real time 720p video feedback.
5. The camera can be tilt 90° for wider angle of view.
6. Fishing line release range is within 1 kilometer.
7. Installed to Splash drone in just a few seconds with screw and a quick release plug.
8. Powered by the drone’s battery, no need extra battery.
9. 100% waterproof and salt water resistant.
10. Made from high precision CNC aluminum and stainless steel.
11. Sleek and light weight design, extremely easy to use.
12. The release mechanism is also a great tool for carrying other payloads of lifesaving equipments for search and rescue on the water.