Gannet Fishing Drones


Gannet Fishing Drones are now available in Australia with greater payloads and longer battery life, they make one of the best drone fishing options on the market.

Gannet has been at the forefront of fishing drones and release systems since 2016. Our brand and designs are protected under several International patents, trademarks & registered designs.

With more than 20,000 release systems sold to 147 different countries around the world, we are undoubtedly the leader in release systems for drones.

The Gannet Fishing Drones have been designed as short-distance delivery drones, unlike most other drones that are symmetrical camera platforms, with a camera hanging from the bottom and able to fly at near identical speeds in any direction, the Gannet Fishing Drones are streamlined to fly forward significantly faster and with less power usage than most camera platform drones.

As a result, Gannet Drones are unmistakably recognizable and very unique in shape. This came about as a result of placing the gimbal and GPS far upfront in the head with sweeping aerodynamic arms. Resembling a skydiver or perhaps even a flying penguin. When hovering in place the elongated body is slanting backwards this so that when the body is horizontal the drone is already travelling forward at speed. This results in the smallest possible frontal area cutting through the air conserving battery power as much as possible. The keen eye will notice that nothing is straight on these drones, not one of the motors line up, the slanting body and curved asymmetric arms all contribute in making these some of the
most power-efficient waterproof drones to be brought to market.

In the natural world, animals have adopted colours that blend into their environments, be they hunters or prey. The Great White, killer whales, penguins and even some seagulls are all light below and dark on top. This to help blend in when viewed directly from above or from below in their 3-dimensional worlds.
However, the two contrasting colours actually increase visibly when viewed from the side and this is why our Gannet Fishing Drones are black and white. They stand out in any weather conditions at very long distances, making the visual line of sight flight to long distances more enjoyable. Alongside with the colour scheme comes the asymmetric shape making it easy to see which the way the drone is facing.
Battery compartment:

The one thing that needs to be changed/charged in the field on a regular basis is the Lithium Polymer battery. For this, we placed the battery in its own waterproof compartment opening at the back of the drone.

To ensure ease of installation we created an easily accessible compartment in the back of the drone, sealed off from all internals. In the event that some sand compromises the seal only that compartment would seep with water and only the battery is exposed and not the expensive electronic internals.

The Gannet’s double waterproof compartment design is unique to the Gannet Drone which makes them the safest waterproof drones on the market.

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